Fanta Bility
Fanta Bility was born on January 15, 2013 at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Delaware County, PA. Fanta was the youngest girl of 6 children. She was a beautiful person who left us all too soon at the tender age of 8 years old on August 27, 2021.

Her life was cut short by a tragic and preventable incident involving Sharon Hill Police Officers who were responding to an incident in the vicinity of where Fanta was located.

They shot into a crowd leaving a football game and as a result, Fanta was fatally killed by police gun fire in front of her mom and siblings. Fanta’s sister, Mamasu, who was just 12 years old at the time, was also shot and wounded by police gun fire, but thankfully, she survived.

While Fanta’s death was a preventable tragedy, we want to make sure she is remembered by the amazing life she lived. It is important to our family that everyone knows the wonderful young woman she was, as well as the impact she had on her family, friends, and community.

Fanta had a very giving spirit. She would constantly share food and clothes with her friends – especially those in her neighborhood of Sharon Hill, PA. She loved giving and helping others in need.

Fanta had lots of friends. She loved playing with her friends, watching movies, and enjoyed going outside and riding her bike. She also loved to dance and create TikTok videos. She loved music including her favorite artist who was Billie Eilish.

Fanta was a “fashionista”. She loved to dress up and when she would plan to go out with her family, she would most likely be in a dress and would be known to fix her hair – including her edges.

Fanta was very smart. She completed the 2nd grade in June of 2021 as an A and B student and was so advanced in her classes that she would often times, easily get bored in class. Her favorite subject in school was art.

Fanta was an active and practicing Muslim. Her Mosque was located in Southwest Philadelphia. She and her family practiced many traditions including Eid Prayer. Fanta was always known to tell the truth which is a testament to her faith and upbringing by her parents.

Fanta loved her family. 
She especially loved spending time with her younger brother Abu and older sister Mamasu. They were “three peas in a pod” and loved traveling together with their mother, Tennah Kromah. Mamasu and Fanta were especially close. They would fight like sisters, but also be inseparable doing everything together such as washing dishes to putting on makeup.

Fanta was very outgoing. She was definitely a “people person.” She also had lots of energy, she was very loving and a very happy child who left us way too soon.
Fanta is missed every single day by all of the people who knew and loved her, but she will never be forgotten by her family. Fanta’s life and legacy will live on in all of the people she touched. We will continue to seek justice for Fanta and work to ensure no other family ever has to endure the loss we have experienced. Please join our fight to seek #justiceforFanta.